Performer Bios 2012


Emerging from the clutches of eternal darkness, roeVy began in 2008.  Their live show revolves around a high energy performance that puts as much emphasis on visuals and atmosphere as the music.  They began producing tracks in 2010 and have since released 2 original EP’s and have remixed various artists from around the globe.  Believe in darkness.  Believe in roeVy.

Anna and the Annadroids

Anna and The Annadroids are quirky robot girls who use their artificial intelligence to perform psycho-cybernetic satire. They perform highly innovative dance and aerial theater productions supported by cutting edge multi-media technologies.

Ruckus Roboticus

His mixes & productions are award-winning, critically-acclaimed, and have earned him gigs around the world.  He is the most famous DJ you’ve probably never heard of.  He will make you dance so hard, you might hurt yourself.

The Suspension Artist Collective

The Suspension Artists Collective is a continuously rotating collaberation of suspension performers and practitioners that get together for large scale events and performances. Some of the performers include members of: Nu-Ethix, IHUNG, OnlyFlesh, R.O.P. just to name a few.

Lord T. & Eloise

Intergalactic time travelers. Aristocrats. Always crunk.

ElectroCult Circus

ElectroCult Circus can best be described as an eclectic group of artists, dancers and musicians that have come together under the proverbial Big Top to entertain and celebrate the masses. They innovate with burlesque, belly-dancing, performance art, comedy and music. Join the Cult!

Forest & The Evergreens

young l soul l groovement

The NightBeast

Comedy Hip Hop from Dayton Ohio.. some people think the music is actually good, too.

DJ Charles Erickson

DJ Charles Erickson is the Unicorn master of tracks for TheClampdown DanceParty.  Get mythical with him at TRAUMA 2012 and at the Ravari Room on the 2nd Saturday of every month.

Teen Fiction

“Teen Fiction is a moveable dance party. Everywhere Bob Dawson sets up…the crowd instantly responds.” – The Hot 17

Rain Train

i think in pictures but see in sound. born in germany, berlin is literally in my blood but traveling in argentina, india, morocco, cuba, thailand, turkey, and more – all influence my music. i often DJ in pants made entirely of porkchops.

The Evolution Control Committee

Mash-up? Plunderphonics? Plagiarhythm?
Whatever you call it, The ECC assembles samples and sounds into cut-and-paste masterpieces. It’s illegal music, and long before computers made it easy to be a copyright criminal, The ECC was violating copyright laws the hard way.


Up from the basement, muttering for vengeance, the black-robed player of pans macabre and his faceless minions arise.  The crusher beats out a loud brutal cadence for skeleton oarsmen as the fallen sip blood-hued calypso tea mojitos on a Royal Caribbean bound for oblivion.


DiscoDisco is the sexy music collaboration forged with the flames of Mount Doom, forbidden fires of Barad-dûr.

Shawndy Spider Throat

Creator hostess and resident deejay of the Suicide Ball.


Attak & Carma

Bondage by Kevin

Kevin has been introducing people to the joys of Rope Bondage for a number of years.  This year, he is joined by fellow riggers MstrPhoenix and SilicaCarbon, as well as the return of Markher and Pennygurl doing fire-cupping.  Come try some rope and some fire!


Dj Ginsu is a Columbus dj/turntablist who has been rocking the midwest and country for over 13 years with his eclectic and powerful multi-genre sets.  Always a crowd pleaser, Dj Ginsu promises a dynamic set for this years’s Trauma.

Network EDM

Columbus duo Bryan Keller and Matt Cremean always bring the vibes. networkEDM provides high energy Electro House to keep the floor moving.

G. Finesse and the N.S.

G. Finesse and the N.S. is an eclectic live band led by MC Tony “G. Finesse” Haslett that seamlessly mixes Hip-hop, Funk, R & B, Reggae, and Rock into a live show that is not one to be missed.

Button and Her Notions

Button and her Notion is a dance group based in Columbus, Ohio. Dancing, videos, puppetry, stilting and more!

Aaron Austen

 614 Magazine’s Best Local DJ Winner 2011. Aaron has played along
side of the biggest names in the business & continues to destroy dance
floors across the Midwest.

DJ Push

Dj Push is a veteran of the four to the floor in Columbus. Founder of Push productions and co-founder of the Fresh Air crew, he brings the move to the dance floor!

Broken Boy

One of the founding members of Columbus’ own goth / industrial dedicated club night, Church.  Spinning the best in EBM, Goth, Industrial, Electro, Darkwave, & Shoegaze.

Magic Nate

Magic Nate is a Central Ohio Magician and has been studying magic for 15 years. Nate performs classic magic with a modern twist, adding in his stage and street experience to create a unique experience for every show.

Lea Gray

Visual rhythms inspire my painting. The dance of my brush is centered around eroticism and the captivating energy that enthralls me, making the surface come alive with vibration.


Ashley Voss AKA Coreroc is a sensory artist that focuses on visual components of performance art and public art. Artwork and Clothing can be found at

Kenny Lectro

Kenny Lectro is a Sonic Space Traveler. He co-hosts and produces The Beat Oracle radio show in Columbus on WCRS (98.3/102.1FM Sat. 6-8PM) and online at  At Trauma he’ll play sexy, slinky, sometimes slower songs to help you get your chillax back.

Janaan Al Jahanni

Janaan al Jahanni has been performing the art of Belly Dance for over 14 years. Relying on traditional, authentic middle eastern dancing, while never denying her modern dance roots, she mixes the best of both her dancing worlds to provide the audience with an extraordinary example of when music meets body.

Sex Kitten Purrlesque

The Dolls of Evolved

Columbus’ own gaggle of do-gooders with body mods will work the runway in creations from the mind of Stacia Gorsuch and The Painted Magpie.

The Teenagers from Mars

A Tribute to The Misfits 77-83. True horror punk to melt your god damn face off!

Infinity Aerial

Infinity Aerial is Columbus, Ohio’s premiere pole and aerial arts studio. We also offer hoop dance, belly dance, burlesque, flexibility, chair dance, parties, workshops and much much more!

Kickin It Crew

Kickin’ It specializes in interactive installment art, creating captivating environments, and experiential event production.


cloudhaus is a not-for-profit art collective promoting local artists and putting on benefits for the community. we put on collaborative shows and make art (of various disciplines) together!


Beautyofmyland believes everything in life, all the good and bad IS beautiful, along with everyone in it. Come into our world of music, and performance art 9pm sharp audience participation is encouraged 🙂

Mas Bagua

Mas Bagua makes the movement for your mind, body, and soul.  Deep space is the place for your more.  More what?  Yes.”  If that’s too long you could just say “Mas Bagua makes it happen with Enhanced Gigantic Psychedelia.

Doctah X

Andy D

 Andy D is a hurricane of sex, sweat, and day-glo.”

Viva Valezz!& the Velvet Hearts

VIVA VALEZZ! is so spicy she’ll make you hot south of YOUR border.


We Are Gliteratti

 We are the moment makers, the documenters of the night of your life. Capturing the beautiful people, the beautiful times, and everything in-between.

DJ Chuck

Scotty Niemet, The Legend

Sweatin, KVLT, Keepitupbooking
Trauma house support DJ for Thursday Night.  Torchbearer for the DIY music scene, be it a punk house basement or a dive bar dance party, Scotty takes his heart there.

The Ooh La Las

 The Ooh-La-Las Burlesque is Columbus, Ohio’s premiere neo-burlesque troupe. Having performed both in and out of the city, they have become a must-see for anyone who loves the art of the tease.

Lady Monster

A Queen of The Fire Tassels. Voted as one of the Top 100 Burlesque Performers in the World by her peers.

Trulie Scrumptious

Trulie Scrumptious fights monsters and robots. She finds herself constantly hindered by the strange mysterious twins who show up out of nowhere and wreak havoc. Figures from her dark
past that could explain her inability to die.

Kinky Kitty Cabaret

Not the average burlesque show…An eccentric blend of sass and class in fancy pants and garters, Kinky Kitty brings you Cabaret at it’s finest.

My SpeakerBox

My SpeakerBox is an artist from Columbus, Ohio who creates decorative high contrast portraits utilizing pattern and bold line work on the human form.