Entertainment 2013

TRAUMA entertainment

Anna and the Annadroids



Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission to present surreal performance art concerts and online videos filled with multi-media technologies, dynamic ground and aerial dance, wacky costume design, and emotionally provocative themes that explore the human condition. These quirky robot girls collaborate with some of today’s hottest dj’s, video artists, fashion designers, and other multi-media artists to create innovative, thought provoking, and always entertaining productions. Anna and The Annadroids are based in San Francisco, California.




GSP Artists Group

paladin logo

Hardstyle / Dark Hard Trance
– Digital DJ / Vinyl / Live Video –

The P4L4DiN 6.2™ Advanced Prototype
Since 1996 – PALADIN has been one of North America’s most sought after acts, including over 300 headline performances across the continent. An unforgettable experience – unmatched anywhere in the world… a P4L4DiN performance is the one catalyst – once experienced,that is never forgotten – by all who participate. Constantly progressing and never satisfied…we now present our P4L4DiN 6.2™ Advanced Prototype. Once again – demonstrating what is possible when over a decade of development, advanced technology and unrestrained creativity are combined into one complete package.


Calmando Qual


Calmando Qual is a gothic rock-inspired band hailing from Tokyo, Japan.  Their mix of dark and industrial sounds, in addition to their unique visual style, has made them a much sought after act worldwide.  Having toured Europe extensively, they are excited about the chance to finally rock an American audience with their U.S. debut at TRAUMA. Presented by Rock-En Event Management.




DJ PUSH  push production, RUN 614

For nearly 2 decades, there has been a fire, a love, a passion to play music for people inside Push.  Push productions founder (98′) is still going strong.

When it comes to the four on the floor Push is a heavyweight, Schooled from the old to the new.. He moves Dance floors, prepare to Dance.


Hawstyle and Glitch

hawstyle and glitlchThe Haws brothers have been bringing this city Jungle, D&B, and other Bass styles since they have ever been played here. You would have to search hard to find more tenured and talented guys. They are the REAL deal.


Suspension Artist Collective

Suspension Artist Collective

The collective is a continuous rotation of suspension artists from all over the country.



15 Rooms of Psycho-Sexual Terror


Get Weird

get weird

GET WEIRD is a Columbus DJ duo known for throwing ridiculously fun, fast-paced shows. In the past they have opened up for such heavy hitters as Krewella, Mimosa, Flux Pavilion, pantYraid, Mord Fustang, Bad Boy Bill, One More Time: A Tribute to Daft Punk, hometown EDM heroes roeVy and many more!




I think in pictures but see in sound. born in Germany, Berlin is literally in my blood but traveling around the world! – all influence my music.  I often DJ in pants made entirely of porkchops.


Attak & Carma

attak and carmaAttak & Carma joined forces in 2008 and soon after created the infamous Columbus-based event company “My Best Friends Party”.Their diverse style combines elements of hip hop and EDM with an emphasis on bass. The overall theme is party music but includes trap, hiphop, electro, tech house, twerk and dubstep. The point is to make you go WILD. Attak & Carma’s high-energy bass fueled sets have been igniting dance floors across the Midwest and some of the areas biggest festivals including Electric Forest, Allgood & The Werkout.




Coreroc will present his Army of Won Militia as an introduction to Dj Push’s set with a full flavored taste of TRAUMA past performances and stuff you may never see again.


Dolls of Evolved


Anti Label

Kelli Martin

antilabel logo

“Street Style Couture for the Pretty Tough Girl”

Contradiction. Pretty Ugly. Unconventional Fabrics. Raw Edges.

The Painted Magpie

painted magpie


Julia copy

MySpeakerBox is a Visual Artist who uses the Art of Storytelling to bring her Illustrious Characters to Life! She creates Pattern of Bright Neon Colors and Bold Black Line work on various medium including the human canvas.

Alora Donahue


Fine Artist, Performer & Photographer. Originally from Akron, Ohio. Graduate of The Columbus College of Art & Design, class of 2013. Most passionate about re-purposing disposable/found materials into wearable art.


Kelly Harris

Kelly Harris

My name is Kelly Harris, I am a professional special effects makeup artist from Columbus Ohio.

Kelly Carpenter

kelly carpenter

Kelly Carpenter is a self taught special effects makeup artist with 13 years of experience making people spooky beautiful. She began in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup with the Legion of Terror at Bloodview Haunted House, and most recently with the Scare-A-Torium here in Columbus. As her interests have grown, she has branched out into face and body painting. This media has become her main focus. Her partner in crime of 6 years Loraine and their daughter are the inspiration for the craziness that emerges from her brushes and sponges. kacarpenter75@gmail.com

Loraine M. Wilmers


1992 graduate of CCAD, lifelong love of Halloween, special effects makeup and horror.

Ashley Cain

With Hair by Rendezvous Hair Salon

RENDEZVOUSLOGOFINAL copy__________________________________________________________

House of Bacchus

house of bacchuspainting by William C Hemming http://www.wchemming.com/

House of Bacchas- sensual liberation through ancient ceremonial rituals.

Hostess Dairdre Scriven

Gurus Al-X Blackfeather and Jill Sahiba

Master C.F.Nasty

Twinkle Toes

Mr. Jack Newton

Invitation only


Infinity Aerial featuring David C. Owen




ElectroCult Circus


ElectroCult Circus is an ever expanding amalgamation of different medias, using lighting, performance art, video, dancers, musicians and comedians to evoke a feeling in you of childhood wonder and fantasy as well as reawaken those most dormant of animal and tribal instincts that have been sleeping inside humankind for way too long. Join the Cult!


Viva! & the Velvet Hearts!

VivaViva! & the Velvet Hearts! are Central Ohio’s premier burlesque troupe. Founded in 2008, Viva! & her Velvet Hearts! have taken Ohio by storm! And now… we’re setting our sights on the Midwest, the US, and then the world! But, seriously, we’re a kick-ass group of hot strip-teasers who love to perform. In 2011, we were nominated by Columbus Alive! Magazine as Columbus, Ohio’s Best Dance Company – the FIRST and ONLY burlesque troupe EVER to be nominated! We have performed in large festivals, the Boston Expo, the Windy City Burlesque Festival, Queerpocolypse and the Fierce! Queer Burlesque Festival. We love performing, we love glitter, we love men, we love women, and most of all we love our fans. Check us out on the web at www.vivavalezz.com, or find us on Facebook at either Viva Valezz or Velvet Hearts.


Button and Her Notions


Ridding the world of drafty crotches since 2010…Button and her Notions bring a new level of performance for this years Trauma.


Trulie Scrumptious

Trulie ScrumptiousPhoto credit: Bortmas Photos

Trulie Scrumptious: Gundam Trash Force TET 2 Oh!

( Installation/performance art)

Exclusively for Trauma 2013 Trulie is building something special out of discarded industrial and technological items collected over a year. Inspired by Tetsuo: The Iron Man and Neon Genesis Evangelion, she is really pouring herself into this combination performance art and sculpture. Catch her all night in the lobby Friday! XOXO


Bondage by Kevin

Bondage by Kevin

Kevin has been introducing people to the joys of Rope Bondage at TRAUMA for many years. This year he is joined by fellow riggers MstrPhoenix, QwkSilver, Magic and the lovely SilicaCarbon, as well as the return of Markher and Pennygurl doing fire-cupping. Come try some Rope and some Fire!


Guilty Pleasures



Master Tomm

Extreme Bondage




Half of the STELLAR combo network EDM, Creamz moves dance floors with a bass heavy techhouse groove that is incomparable.  Bring your sneakers cause you’re gonna be movin’ your feet the whole time!


Sybian Rocking Horse




Dj Ginsu is a Columbus DJ/turntablist who has been rocking the mid-west and country for over 13 years with his eclectic and powerful multi-genre sets.  Always a crowd-pleaser, DJ Ginsu promises a dynamic set for this year’s Trauma.


Van Jammes




Half of the LETHAL combo network EDM, BKellar’s track selection is phenomenal and he moves crowds like it was his calling. And yes…he loves pancakes.


Aaron Austin

aaron austin

Arguably one of Ohio’s favorite house/techno djs, Aaron Austen’s 20 plus years behind the decks has landed him smack dab in the thick of it. Working along side of the biggest names in the industry over the past decade has fine-tuned Aaron’s sets & sounds. With his ear for sexy house-influenced techno he was named (2011) 614 Magazines Best Local DJ.
What makes Aaron unique is his ability to make house and techno sound appropriate wherever he plays. He has been an instrumental part of promoting and opening for some of the greatest talents in the world. In 2012 Aaron had hit his stride, and looks to keep accelerating thru 2013.


Dave Espionage

Dave Espionage

Dave Espionage has had the pleasure of making crowds jump up and throw down at all manner of party. Starting with house and club parties in Cincy with the likes of Mellowman and Firecat 451, he found his way into a residency at Sweatin’ as part of Dinosaur Espionage, and playing with DJ Moxy and CJ Townsend. He tosses styles to the wind, but digs disco and deep bass.


The Yeah Babies

Yeah Babies4 wild animals that learned how to stand upright and play instruments.


Ooh La Las

Ooh La LasThe Ooh-La-Las began gracing stages of Columbus, Ohio with their classic “wink and smile” girl show in 2004.  Since it’s inception, the Ooh-La-Las have become the Capital City’s premier burlesque troupe, performing in multiple stage shows, numerous private parties, and some of the largest events held in Columbus every year. The Ooh-La-Las are a group of performers who perform in both the classic and neo-burlesque styles.  The group has also expanded to include boylesque and other variety acts such as comedy and magic.


The Art of ParadigmAlteringRelease


Bondage Nexus

bondage nexus


Tribe Noire

Tribe Noir

Tribe Noire is a goth-inspired tribal fusion belly dance troupe from the Central Ohio area providing theatrical performances guaranteed to mesmerize.


Dominique – The Queen Bee


Columbus Burlesque Collective


The Columbus Burlesque Collective is a community for local performers that
respect the art of burlesque, each other and desire no hierarchy.

Please join us, with love.

Lady Monster


 A Queen of the Fire Tassels. International Star of Screen, Print, Music and More.

Miss Theresa


Image credit: Chas Ray Krider

Miss Theresa performs classic burlesque with a heavy focus on costuming and a fluid, graceful presentation of her ideas.  She is “Venus in Furs in the Flesh.

Antoinette Seducteur


This burlesque starlet not only has the longest legs in burlesque, but pushes your envelope as to what is expected. She has been performing for 6 years and is the co-owner of Kinky Kitty Cabaret and a member of the collective.

Kitty Mystique

Kitty Mystique copy

Kitty Mystique is co-founder of Columbus’ very own Kinky Kitty Cabaret and a performer & instructor with Black Market Belly Dance. Holding true to her name…she keeps the Mystique alive and always filled with surprises.

Venom Vamp

venom vamp mc

MC, Improv, standup, burlesque, humorist, sex positive educator and researcher.




One individual. Surrounded by years of connections, odd behaviors, soundscapes and vibrations.. allows for the creativity of beautyofmyland.  come listen.

Teen Fiction

Teen FictionTeen Fiction is Bobby D, a one man dance riot.


DJ Charles Erickson (of The Clampdown)

Clampdown_Logo copy


Mister Shifter

Mister Shifter 2013__________________________________________________________



Discordia is an exotic, female-fronted performance group. We thrive on dance, playing with fire, and power tools. We breathe and eat fire, grind, and entertain crowds in music and performance venues nationwide and locally.




 Producer, DJ, and mad scientist. Since 2007 SyblingQ has been playing a dark touch of House, Techno, and Electro in order to make the gentlemen rage and the ladies seductively sway.



toadnuggz toad bud

Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Toad Nugz is keeping the party rolling with a variety of electronic: drum n bass, trip hop, experimental, and trap are all electronic genres he favors.


Matter of Planets

MOP press photoApparent nerds who have no coping skills to deal with their ADD. The results are manic aggressive yet spacey tunes. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. Smells like victory.


L Inc.


Air Marshall

From Lancaster, Ohio, Air Marshall is a young DJ who brings the new sounds of glitch, disco, funk, and electro to those old school classics that we all grew up listening to. Air Marshall has been DJ’ing since 2007 and has developed a style that will make everyone want to be out on the dance floor. He has recently started producing music and plans on releasing a 4 track EP in late 2013. Air Marshall is a hidden Ohio talent who is currently attending Full Sail University that you’ll want to keep your eye on.




Costume Contest



culmination2 east coasters who met at OSU and shared a loved for all things music, the two combine diverse backgrounds into their set for a show not to be missed!


Freak Merchants

freak merchantsBody Jewelry, Henna, Leather Punk & Goth Jewelry, and our line of T-Shirts – Trash®

Father Seymour Rot


 Father Seymour Rot…. Pastor at the ‘Light of the Living Dead’ ministries. Where we like to believe:” just because we are damned, doesn’t mean we have to be goddamned’!

DJ Dibs/Teleknesis

DJ DibsDJ Dibs a.k.a Teleknesis has been playing in the Columbus local scene for 15years from various styles of music. With this latest journey into EDM bringing a mellow yet aggressive sound through the speakers that can have you jumping one minute and holding on the walls the next. Bringing a down tempo feel to a hyped up sound. Styles from all over the world.


Ordinary Funkin People


Mr. Strongg


DJ Tactic