Entertainment 2014

Anna and the Annadroids

anna 8 72

 Anna and The Annadroids create cutting edge multi-media dance productions supported by surreal video projections and original music. These quirky, robotic, doll-like characters dig up mankind’s deepest fears, desires, and unanswered questions and, like a funhouse mirror, present them to audiences to create a portal in which they can look “in.” Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission provoke independent thought and inspire positive change on a greater scale through dance and other multi-media outlets.




For nearly 2 decades, there has been a fire, a love, a passion to play music for people inside Push.  Push productions founder (98′) is still going strong.   When it comes to the four on the floor Push is a heavyweight, Schooled from the old to the new.. He moves Dance floors, prepare to Dance.

The last couple of years have proven very succesful in bringing the message of good house music to the city of Columbus.  Push has gained a lot of momentum and notoriety in the electronic music scene… “I cant wait to move your feet!”


Titonton Duvanté



With a musical history spanning back to the 90’s, as co-creator of the seminal techno band Body Release (alongside Todd Sines, Charles Noel and Mike Szewczyk), and on through a multifaceted career as a composer, recording artist, producer, remixer, record label owner and DJ, Titonton Duvante continues to evolve creatively. As a DJ known for blurring the boundaries of electronic music genres, Titonton deconstructs, blends and rebuilds beats with his special brand of funky turntablism. He’s brought his extraordinary style to nightclubs around the world: from Detroit and San Francisco to Berlin (Including Tresor & Berghain), London(Plastic People), Paris(Rex Club), Warsaw, Copenhagen, Saint Petersberg. Sao Paulo, San Juan, Tokyo(Liquid Room) and beyond. Titonton has released an arsenal of music on labels such as Mosaic,Palette, Environ, 7th City, Planet E, Sonar Kollektiv, 2000 Black and Bitasweet to name a few, in addition to his own label, Residual Recordings. He’s done collaborative work with contemporaries such as John Tejada, Fabrice Lig and Morgan Geist. Titonton’s remarkable reputation has earned him an entry in Tim Barr’s book, A Rough Guide to Techno, as well as a mention in Dan Sicko’s book, Techno Rebels. Titonton has been busy in the studio finishing his full length album entitled “Perversions” It is being written for electronics, live strings, drums and vocals.As wells as refreaks and tunes for lables worldwide.


Aaron Austen

aaron austin


Arguably one of Ohio’s favorite house/techno djs, Aaron Austen’s 20 plus years behind the decks has landed him smack dab in the thick of it. Working along side of the biggest names in the industry over the past decade has really fine tuned Aaron’s sets & sounds. With his ear for sexy house-influenced techno he was named (2011) 614 Magazines Best Local Dj.

What makes Aaron unique is his ability to make house and techno sound appropriate wherever he plays. He has been an instrumental part of promoting and opening for some of the greatest talents in the world. In 2014 he is planning to focus more on the development of the underground sound in his stomping ground Columbus OH.








Bondage by Kevin

Featuring the talents of Kevin, MstrPhoenix, QwkSilver, Magic, MarcusDB, Cellist, Pinkmynx, Markher and Penny.


Kevin has been introducing people to the joys of Rope Bondage at TRAUMA for many years. Come try some Rope and some Fire!


Guilty Pleasures





 Ginsu plays records, wins battles, rocks parties, and enjoys fine bourbon. He does not suffer fools and amateurs on his playground, and he thinks your girlfriend is cute.


Project Car


A Project Car is always a work in progress, and your passion for it runs deep. It consumes your blood, sweat, and tears. It can enlighten and defeat you all at once. It’s your most favorite thing in the world, but also makes you wanna light it on fire at the same time. It’s a metaphor for everything we love in life.
Bryan Keller and Matt Cremean are a Columbus, Ohio based DJ duo. They have a diverse and adaptive style that can open a room up proper or close one out in a sweaty mess. Their musical tastes are similar, yet different, and this makes for a uniquely dynamic chemistry. They are constantly bringing different tracks to the table, and always vibe off one another’s choices.


Lions’s Den presents: Bonnie Rotten


Bonnie Rotten is an American pornographic actress and model. In 2014, she became the first alt porn star to win the AVN Female Performer of the Year Award.

– 2012 –
Inked Award – Starlet of the Year
NightMoves Award – “Miss Congeniality”

– 2013 –
NightMoves Award – Best Ink 
Sex Award – Hottest New Girl 

– 2014 –
XBIZ – Best Scene Non-Feature Release
AVN – Female Performer of the Year
XCritic – Female Performer of the Year


Visceral Suspensions



A collection of dedicated suspension artists.


Get Weird and VJ Vixen present: Immersion

get weird


The demiurgic dance duo known as GET WEIRD quintum-teleported from the year 1975 when the formidable years of disco took a tumultuous turn towards today. And today…today is the first day of the future. Open your ears, shake your rears, and prepare to GET WEIRD.




The Trulie Awesome Show & The Ooh La Las






The Trulie Awesome Show and The Ooh La Las team up once again for a performance that will entice, intrigue, and delight! Witness the sweet carnage as Trulie Scrumptious and Maulie Squee battle to save the day. Live thursday night at Trauma 2014






Button and Snap





Button and Snap are off to the stars this year. They’ve spent 2014 in space among the space cats and planets and can’t wait to show you what they’ve seen. #buttonandsnapgotospace



Teleknesis/DJ Dibs


dj dibs

Downtempo/Rock/Jazz/Fun/Good Times One man, a million toys, endless possibilities. I don’t ever want to be put into one category, i find being universal makes it much more enjoyable for all of us. 





Columbus Burlesque Collective

Athena Nile


Athena has been joking that she was born covered in glitter! She has been dancing her entire life, and has been so happy to be a part of the Columbus Burlesque collective. She has traveled and taught internationally and won national awards for her precise and emotive style.
Please look for more information about upcoming shows and classes at www.athenanile.com
Lili Parallax
with special guest, Stella Lina.
Having always been one with her head in the clouds, it makes sense that Lili would eventually take flight.
Lili has always been a creative individual, dabbling in various forms of artistic expression.Her constant desire to experiment and try new things may have been interpreted as lack of focus for her parents, but she believes it has contributed to a rich life experience and her current eclectic style. She has been seen on stage at a number of locations, including The Bluestone, The Garden Theater, Wall Street Night Club, and 400 West Rich, as well as dangling from various light posts and scaffolding around the city. https://www.facebook.com/lili.parallax
Miss Theresa


Venus in Furs, In the Flesh

She is a co-founding member of the Collective and has been a burlesque performer for 3+ years.  She has spent the last year on the burlesque festival circuit and performing across the US.  She’s been honored to perform at these Festivals: Burlesque Hall of Fame (Movers, Shakers & Innovators), Ohio Festival, Colorado Festival, Vermont Festival and the Las Vegas Festival and Burlypicks Finals in LA.  She will be competing at the Great Southern Exposure Festival in NC in December.

Her style is classical with a heavy focus on costuming – she specialize in fur, leather and glass bead work and is available to make custom costumes and accessories upon request.  She is available to perform at your venue/club, at private events or parties. 
Burlesque site is here: www.despoticfurs.com


Natalia Page


Dolls of Evolved performer, model, burlesque and performance artiste, Natalia Page creates an eclectic stage presence. 

I’m not interested in how people move, but what moves them.-Pina Bausch








Trauma kidd


Trauma Kidd has been involved in Electronic music since the late 90’s being involved in the warehouse scene in columbus Ohio. Many years went by as a spectator until recently when he decided to hit the decks all over again. Inspired by the variety of electronic music out there depending on the crowd and location no one set is the same. He has been tearing it up in North carolina for the last two years. He is an up and coming talent you won’t want to miss in columbus.

Trauma Kidd is a DJ new to the game who likes to spin sets of all Genres. He is a huge fan and goes to see as many DJ’s a possible to take something from each. His style is continually evolving and changing. No one show is the same based on the crowd.He believes that music can take you on an enlightening journey and touch your soul. His sets are energy packed and you never know what you going to get. He is a cross-Genre EDM artist. As he likes to say “I play Party Music”. So come out and party with TK.





Seeger Creative


Body painting at Trauma is run by Tristan Seeger (Seeger Creative) and Jared Lindenau. We have body painted at the event for the past five years. The artists we bring to the event paint on their human canvases with the aim of creating a beautiful work that is as fun to watch while it is created as when it is finished. We build structures on site to string our models up in true Trauma fashion. Tristan Seeger and Jared Lindenau are both graduates of The Ohio State University with Fine Arts degrees. 




My goal is to produce music and visual stimuli of the highest quality to deliver to my audience. I’ve always enjoyed the feeling certain “dark” and “unsettling” tracks have had on me, and my goal is to try and emulate this x10. Recently my styles have been developing more, and I have plans in store for exciting 3D visuals for a more in-depth experience!




Rhythmic Illusions Fire Tribe

Performing members; Abe, John, Syn, Keith, Katie, Rodger, and Cody.





 BondageNexus’ act is a combination of shibari and circus arts that blends the sensual and the masochistic. BondageNexus and his partner have been tying together for 4 years. They perform and teach rope to those who are interested.


Jimmy Drift


Jimmy Drift has been DJing professionally for 23 years and has held several nightclub residencies, including Mekka, Carlisle Club, Spice and BoMA. He is known for his European style of house and techno and focusses on cutting edge sounds. Jimmy has played alongside the likes of Josh Wink, Adam Beyer, and many more. Do not miss his electrifying set!


The Painted Magpie



Electrocult Circus


ElectroCult Circus is Cluster funk alterno Slut jazzabilly freakout rock you have to see to believe, a true neo Circus complete with bellydancing, burlesque, magic and performance art.


Robotron Dance Party


Sexy scientists, electronic beats and the metal master of Ceremonies himself displaying his raw power..DeeJayying a set with Mash Potato and Andrew Davis from ECC/Mas Bagua Productions. Saturday night up in the White Room.


ElectroLady Land Lounge


After a few years off the ElectroLady land Lounge returns downstairs in the basement and grafitti room, bringing you a mixture of burlesque, wrestling in strange substances, video projections, music, magic, bellydancing and MORE…shhhh its a secret…


Freq Squad


Freq Squad, a group risen from sulfer and the ashes of EDM lost souls. Egotronic and SyblingQ emerge like a techno phoenix.
Egotronic, bringing his recipes of all things evil. From haunting, driving basslines of Minimal Techno to ElectroTRASH, Metal-Edged thrash beats and sawtooth synths thicker than Eddie Van Halen’s playing fingers!
SyblingQ, the mad scientist of the group hacks Techno, House, and any other sounds that can be coalesced into vibrations that makes bodies rouse.


Ooh-La-Las Burlesque


The Ooh-La-Las Burlesque began gracing stages of Columbus with their classic “wink and smile” girl show in 2004.  Since its inception, the Ooh-La-Las has become the city’s premier burlesque troupe, performing in multiple stage shows and some of the largest events in Columbus every year.




Tribe Noir/Black Market Belly Dance


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Troupe from Columbus producing theatrical performances you will not soon forget.  We are inspired by the dark and mysterious, the sensual and graceful, the whimsical and lively…in other words, always something new and memorable.




Tony Harrington, better known as Doctah X, is a DJ, singer, and musician who operates the House of Dub Studio in Columbus, Ohio, and hosts a radio program on WCRS Columbus







The Dead Beats

Dan Stucky

Cullen Daniel

Dan Rivera

Casey Bradley


The Dead Beats is a tribal percussion group that fuses traditional rhythms of the Middle East and Africa with contemporary funk. Each performance is different as almost all of what is played is spontaneous and organic. Caution: Watching us perform may cause ecstatic dancing and extreme happiness.


Viva! and the Velvet Hearts!


The Velvet Hearts! are one of the premier queer burlesque troupes in the Midwest. Founded in 2008, Viva Valezz! and her Velvet Hearts! took Ohio by storm… then the Midwest, the US, and then the world! But, seriously, they’re a kick-ass group of hot all queer-identified strip-teasers who love to perform. In 2011, the Velvet Hearts! were nominated by Columbus Alive! Magazine as Columbus, Ohio’s Best Dance Company – the FIRST and ONLY burlesque troupe EVER to be nominated! They have performed in large festivals such as the Boston Burlesque Expo, the Windy City Burlesque Festival, and Chicago’s Queerpocolypse, and the Fierce!: Queer International Burlesque Festival. They love performing, they love glitter, they love girls, they love boys, and most of all they love their fans. Check them out on Facebook at either Viva Valezz or Velvet Hearts.


Crimson Lace Cabaret


Crimson Lace Cabaret is a Columbus dance company featuring Queer and Ally burlesque, dance, performance art, and drag.  It is co-owned and co-managed by Pandora Foxx, Eileen Galvin, and Janine Aquino.





︻╦╤─ ︻╦╤─ ︻╦╤─Based out of Columbus, Ohio, signed to My best friends party ..ToadNuggz is keeping the party rolling with a variety of electronic music : TRAP.. DRUM N BASS ..HOUSE ..BASS MUSIC … GLICTH HOP …TRIP HOP… EXPERIMENTAL !!

He has payed with acts such as —> Bad Boy Bill brillz ect ect Griz Eoto Minnesota Trill Wave
The Werks Roevy Evol Intent Diesel Boy




Coma Coz


Ohio born and raised Electronic Musician and DJ. Imploring styles of multiple genres and sub-genres, and keeping it fresh with original Tracks and Unique styles. Focuses include House/Garage/Breaks and all sub genres of bass oriented dance music.
Building that bridge between the old and new styles of house.


Jeff White


Jeff White is a fanatical selector with a taste for deep grooves and rich house tunes. Dedicated in the mix with his first Trauma set, do not miss!


Kevin Brugger


Music has always run deep in Kevin Brugger’s blood. Starting off playing clarinet and piano as a child, he then switched to guitar and played in a few punk and hardcore bands around Chicago before moving to Columbus in 2000. A 12 year veteran behind the decks, Kevin got his start in hip hop in 2002. As time went on Kevin’s DJ sets became more funk and dance oriented. Never one to play it safe, Kevin takes an eclectic approach to dance music. His DJ sets may contain hip hop, acid, techno, and several types of house, often mixed together. He loves to challenge the crowd and keep them guessing, all while making sure all bodies stay on the dance floor.




Terry has been involved in the electronic scene since the early 90’s. Known for making that dance floor move while dropping some jungle drum n bass house or the occasional hip hop set. Terry us sure to keep the party moving.


DJ jmac

dj mac

Dj jMac has been behind the decks since 2011, specializing in all things house. His unique blend of new and old music is refreshing and uplifting. He is exciting crowds with his high energy DJ Sets at every venue he plays. His musical tastes are diverse, ever growing and ever evolving.


Antionette Seducteur and Kitty Mystique from Kinky Kitty Cabaret

kinky kitty

Antoinette Seducteur

This burlesque starlet not only has the longest legs in burlesque, but pushes your envelope as to what is expected. She has been performing for 6 years and is the co-owner of Kinky Kitty Cabaret.


Kitty Mystique

Kitty Mystique is co-founder of Columbus’ very own Kinky Kitty Cabaret and a performer & instructor with Black Market Belly Dance. Holding true to her name…she keeps the Mystique alive and always filled with surprises.


Studio Posh


Studio Posh has been creative and free since 93. It’s not a salon its a lifestyle. Hair & Art Till Death Do Us Part!


Kelly Carpenter

kelly carpenter

Fantastical Faces – Body Art

During the day, Kelly Carpenter is a mild mannered Respiratory Therapist. Her secret identity is that of a self-taught special effects makeup artist and body painter that loves to make people look spooky and beautiful. She began in 2000 doing theatrical based special effects makeup with the Legion of Terror at Bloodview Haunted House. Now, the Scare-A-Torium is where she presently works as a makeup artist and scare actor. She has also participated in the past TRAUMA and DRAUMA events as a makeup artist with the Dolls of Evolved and on her own. Her partner in crime of 7 years, Loraine, and their daughter are the inspiration for the craziness that emerges from her brushes and sponges.





Mas Bagua


Mas Bagua performs Enhanced Gigantic Psychedelia, a dynamic improvisational performance blending contemporary electronica with traditional rhythm section funk. Intricate guitar abstractions and intimate mystical musings make Mas Bagua a constructive current of healing energy guaranteed to raise it up and take it to the next level. Come join the cult.



Indicus (Jacob McCarty) has been lighting up dance floors in Columbus since 2011. His unique sets range from dirty dub-step to funky electronic jazz, to booty bumping trap. No matter the time, no matter the place, Indicus never fails to get any crowd moving. Always searching for the latest remixes and sounds, he constantly keeps the mix evolving and interesting.




Cave Bear Studio




House of Bacchus


house of bacchus____________________________________________________

Shawndy Spider Throat


Is a resident of Columbus Ohio
and a resident Dj of Suicide Ball 
and Night Call .
She also had the pleasure of
opening for acts like Marilyn Manson
Rob Zombie and Thrill kill Kult.
SpiderThroat also writes and composes her own music and has been involved in many local projects.
SpiderThroat also has a fashion and accessories line Called Get Your Gun.
Keep your eye fixed on this ever rising  blonde tattooed vixen.







My 7th straight year DJing at TRAUMA
fun unpretentious electro dance music.
(did someone say blacklight bubbles?)


Teen Fiction



A one man dance riot.




One individual. Surrounded by years of connections, odd behaviors, soundscapes and vibrations.. Brings forth creativity of the beautyofmyland. Come experience.



trauma web bortmasphoto




We Are Glitterati is a unique hybrid of Photobooth, Event Promotions, and Social Media Marketing. Through our custom built photo sets and social savvy, we help connect the community with the best events and brands we genuinely believe in. Basically, if it’s cool with #teamWAG will be there #photoboothin it with you.


Nina West


Air Marshall


Air Marshall; from Columbus, Ohio, is a young DJ/producer, host, and guest DJ of weekly EDM events around town who is always bringing the newest tunes to dance floors and everybody in the EDM community.


JT Thompson


Joseph M. Thompson (JT)

I live in Columbus Ohio

Founder of JT ORIGINALS and UNDERGROUND64 Studios

Studied at CCAD Columbus College Art and Design

Published 7 times

Multiple awards


Wheel of BLISS


Moonstruck Burlesque


Your one stop for out of this world Burlesque! 
Sexier Than Naked Moonstruck Burlesque!


Debra Shade


Damn the Witch Siren


Damn the Witch Siren aim for sensory overload.

Attend one of their electrifying live shows and you’re likely to see choreographed dance moves, seizure-inducing visuals, and two hyper-active lovebirds buzzing in a cacophony of 8-bit arpeggios and blunt electronic beats. The multi-media onslaught of Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf truly has no precedent or peer among the Columbus scene. They’ve got to be the only band in town who reps a film projector as their third member. Theirs is as much a rock concert as it is an exultant sideshow.

Kizmet brought them together, as Kitten literally went searching for Wolf when she spied him in a photo with his former band, the Town Monster. From the start of their relationship, their intentions in music making was as much influenced by ‘80s pop like Oingo Boingo and Madonna as it was by the shocking performance art of Lady Gaga.

With the release of last month’s Superdelicious – which they played, produced, and mastered in the apartment they now share – Damn the Witch Siren’s dynamics have sharpened into slick high-energy dance music with a thumping industrial clang. Much of it passes in a blur of neon and glitter, like the sensation one might get from living in a Japanese pachinko machine, but Kitten provides plenty of sticky hooks that prove they’re serious when they talk of aspirations to become legitimate pop stars.


DJ Plague Daddy


DJ Plague Daddy has been active in the Ohio Spooky Community for 20+ years.
He plays a mix of Industrial, EBM, Dark Wave, and whatever weirdness makes you move.


Nikki Lundberg


Born and raised in Las Vegas, Nikki draws from an eclectic background of industries including customer service, entertainment, bodywork, and personal growth and development. Personally she travels often, practices Orgasmic Meditation, is a hedonist, married and dating, and mother to a super smart 10 year old. An entrepreneur at heart, Nikki’s taken her passion for great sex and turned it into a business helping others to live desire based lifestyles, overcome sexual dysfunction and expand their capacity for pleasure.




Ludovic G. Nicolaidis, better known as “LethalFX”, is a professional human beatboxer taking the world of beatboxing by storm force! With beginnings in Youngstown, Ohio, LethalFX has recently relocated to Columbus. The 27 year old artist has been beatboxing for over ten years and performing since 2009.

Having since performed for various crowds of up to 10,000 people, LethalFX’s performance styles and abilities are diverse, including but not limited to such genres as dubstep, trip-hop, trance, techno, house music, hip hop, and many more. Recently, LethalFX began to broaden his abilities by producing his own music and creating electronic beats in his personal studio. This is where LFX acquired his new passion for creating electronic music.

Aside from just a microphone, LethalFX has an armory of looping equipment for a unique performance sure to please any audience! His latest set-up consists of two KP3 Kaoss Pads, Kaossilator Pro, DigiTech JamMan Loop Station, DigiTech Vocal 300 FX Processor, MicroKorg Synthesizer/Vocoder, and a Sennheiser e838 microphone. He currently utilizes this pack of technology to craft LIVE electro-jam beatboxing on stage.

With this much talent in a solo act, LethalFX is certain to capture the likes of any crowd in any genre!

For more information, visit LethalFX.com


Fresh FX


Hawstyle and Glitch

hawstyle and glitlch

The Haws brothers have been bringing this city Jungle, D&B, and other Bass styles since they have ever been played here. You would have to search hard to find more tenured and talented guys. They are the REAL deal.


DJ Bartacus


Kelly Harris


Special effects makeup artist from Columbus Ohio, specializing in creature and horror creations.




Rocketnerd is a self avowed crate digger with a taste for the absurd. He’s been all around Ohio slinging tunes for the last 5 years, as well as curating a few nights of his own. Never afraid to “go there,” his patois of techno, house, acid and breakbeats is always surprising. Whether it’s time for the percolator or you’re entering a higher state of consciousness, Rocketnerd’s got the goods to make you shake off the work week and get into the groove.




VJ VIXEN has been sexifying shows, festivals and underground parties with her visuals since 2012 and this year she makes her debut at TRAUMA! Come immerse and lose yourself in her imagery while the music moves your body.