Entertainment 2015



Emerging from the clutches of eternal darkness, roeVy began in 2008. Their live show revolves around a high energy performance that puts as much emphasis on visuals and atmosphere as the music. They began producing tracks in 2010 and have since released 2 original EPs and have remixed various artists from around the globe.

Believe in darkness. Believe in roeVy.




Anna and the Annadroids

anna 8 72

 Anna and The Annadroids create cutting edge multi-media dance productions supported by surreal video projections and original music. These quirky, robotic, doll-like characters dig up mankind’s deepest fears, desires, and unanswered questions and, like a funhouse mirror, present them to audiences to create a portal in which they can look “in.” Anna and The Annadroids are on a mission provoke independent thought and inspire positive change on a greater scale through dance and other multi-media outlets.





Damn Girl is a monthly dance party for all!  Located in Columbus Ohio it is the largest monthly dance party in the city. The music is rooted in disco funk and includes everything up to current releases, however you won’t hear the usual club songs. We started Damn Girl as a place for people who want to go out and dance to music that isn’t the typical top 40. Costumes and crazy clothes are always encouraged but never required, just make sure to wear your dancing shoes 😉





For nearly 2 decades, there has been a fire, a love, a passion to play music for people inside Push.  Push productions founder (98′) is still going strong.   When it comes to the four on the floor Push is a heavyweight, Schooled from the old to the new.. He moves Dance floors, prepare to Dance.

The last couple of years have proven very succesful in bringing the message of good house music to the city of Columbus.  Push has gained a lot of momentum and notoriety in the electronic music scene… “I cant wait to move your feet!”


Aaron Austen


Arguably one of Ohio’s favorite house/techno djs, Aaron Austen’s 20 plus years behind the decks has landed him smack dab in the thick of it. Working along side of the biggest names in the industry over the past decade has really fine tuned Aaron’s sets & sounds. With his ear for sexy house-influenced techno he was named (2011) 614 Magazines Best Local Dj.
What makes Aaron unique is his ability to make house and techno sound appropriate wherever he plays. He has been an instrumental part of promoting and opening for some of the greatest talents in the world. In 2014 he is planning to focus more on the development of the underground sound in his stomping ground Columbus OH..



Tony Desaro


With an undeniable love for potent dance music and an intense passion for his scene, Tony DeSaro has been crafting his brand of weighty techno rhythms and refined melodies for over 20 years. From his early days in roller rinks and top 40 clubs, through the rave scene of the 90s, and into the modern day electronic music climate, Tony has established himself as a staple of the Midwest dance scene. Never afraid to go too deep, his tactfully-mixed music rewards the intense listener and the enthusiastic dancer equally. Both as a musical selector and a prime mover in Dayton, Ohio’s tightly-knit scene, Tony’s dancefloor insight continues to be a positive force for underground music.




Visceral Suspensions


A collection of dedicated suspension artists.


Rendezvous Hair Salon


We want to make your salon experience as unique and memorable as you are. Our mission is to consistently bring you the freshest styles and ideas, by keeping up with the current trends and constantly educating ourselves about the best practices. All of our stylists support one another in their personal strengths and goals within the beauty industry and the community. We promise to pay close attention to the details of your service, maintain the highest standard in the cleanliness of our salon, exceed your expectations, and keep you coming back for more!



Get Weird

get weird


The Trulie Awesome Show


Trulie Scrumptious and Maulie Squee BOUNCE back into Trauma to squash inflated egos and win the ultimate paddle…er… battle.
The cast of The Trulie Awesome Show gets even crazier than ever before. (We didn’t know that was possible either.) Come play with us!


ElectroCult Circus Mystery Box


ElectroCult Circus is just a figment of your imagination.With no end and no beginning..we have created Robotron 5000, The Skitzo Show, InvestINCd102.5 Fest, Erotic N Roll, Two Old Whores, Trulie Awesome Show, Oddfellows Oddities Talkshow, and more…you may have seen us traveling and playing our tunes. make a station of our music on Pandora now..and stay tunes, we’ve only just begun…




Button and Snap


Button and Snap, they’ve run off to space and gotten themselves stuck in a time warp! See the evolution of their fire filled travels.


Button and Snap? Trulie and Maulie? You thought you knew all of their personalities…but there’s more inside the sewing box besides wigs and colors.



Rythmic Illusions Fire Tribe



Stacia Gorsuch


Stacia is an sfx makeup artist, costumer,  prop maker and set decorator. Her work has been seen in several magazines, feature films, performance pieces, among others.


Ooh-La-Las Burlesque


The Ooh-La-Las Burlesque is Columbus, Ohio’s wildest neo-burlesque troupe.  Each performer brings their own unique presence and persona to the stage and they are a must-see for anyone who loves the art of the tease.  Whether you like classic, modern, comedic, or theatrical burlesque, The Ooh-La-Las have something for everyone with their eclectic mix of performance art that leaves you begging for more.




Studio Posh


Studio Posh. Alternative and creatively free since 1993. Three convenient locations serving central Columbus. Where doing hair is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle. Hair and Art, til death do us part.



Velvet Hearts!


The Velvet Hearts! Columbus and Pittsburgh are one of the premier queer burlesque troupes in the Midwest. Founded in 2008, Viva Valezz! and her Velvet Hearts! took Ohio by storm… then the Midwest, the US, and then the world! But, seriously, they’re a kick-ass group of hot all queer-identified strip-teasers who love to perform. In 2011, the Velvet Hearts! were nominated by Columbus Alive! Magazine as Columbus, Ohio’s Best Dance Company – the FIRST and ONLY burlesque troupe EVER to be nominated! They have performed in large festivals such as the Boston Burlesque Expo, the Windy City Burlesque Festival, and Chicago’s Queerpocolypse. They love performing, they love glitter, they love girls, they love boys, and most of all they love their fans. Check them out on the web at www.vivavalezzburlesque.com, or find them on Facebook at either Viva Valezz or Velvet Hearts.


Future Modern

New Jersey natives, Bobby D and Ron Dawson perform a brand new live improvisational electronic high energy dance set. Hell yeah!



Big Girl Burlesque


Featuring: Pussy DeMunchon, Liam Rydher, Brat Sheba, Mandi LeHoor, Decadent Daisy, Tru D’Vil and Shania Twat

The Big Girl Burlesque is a troupe of self confident, body positive performers who know size has *nothing* to do with *sexy*! For over a year now they have been putting on their Big Girl panties to shake, shimmy and bring their glamour to the stage! All of the Big Girls are excited to perform for the first time Trauma! Check them out online at BigGirlBurlesque.com and come see them every 4th Sat for Sultry Saturdays at the Blue Pickle Pub!



House Of Bacchus

house of bacchus


Fantastical Faces

fantastical faces

During the day, Kelly Carpenter is a mild mannered Respiratory Therapist. Her secret identity is that of a self-taught special effects makeup artist and body painter that loves to make people look spooky and beautiful. She began in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup with the Legion of Terror at Bloodview Haunted House. Now, the Scare-A-Torium is where she presently works as a makeup artist and scare actor. She has also participated in past TRAUMA and DRAUMA events as a makeup artist with the Dolls of Evolved and on her own. Her partner in crime of 7 years, Loraine, and their daughter are the inspiration for the craziness that emerges from her brushes and sponges.





DJ Plague Daddy


Zoo Trippin’

wksf whole band.jpg

Zoo Trippin’ was founded in 2014 when Lynn Roose III and Tony Casa started a new project with Steve Hatmaker and Austin Smith. Shortly after the band picked up Ethan Fowler, to fill out the group. Unfortunately Ethan had to leave the group, and Drew Dimitrovski stepped in.
Zoo Trippin’ is the child of years of live performances, recordings, and previous projects. The group holds true to its Blues/Rock roots but is now off in a new direction. Adding a more funk/alternative element to the already genre blending style.
With new members, new songs, an unparalleled live show, and a new style all their own-Zoo Trippin’ will soon span the airwaves and rock the continents!




Guilty Pleasures


Bondage by Kevin


Shawndy Spider Throat


Spider started Djing in 2010 when Columbus felt the closing of there beloved outland so she Created the Suicide Ball a monthly goth industrial dark dance party.
Since then she’s had the pleasure of working with many national acts.
Suicide Ball is held  Currently at Bossy Grrls Columbus Ohio the First Saturday of Every Month.



Black Hole Zion


Black Hole Zion is a collaborative project of many minds born out of the mind of Mark B. Mark began writing a series of songs that all followed a particular narrative. He was also writing some electronic and soundtrack pieces simultaneously that were vastly different, but he still felt belonged in the same universe. The live band, based in Morgantown, West Virginia, play high energy industrial rock and metal with a science fiction flair. Space metal about time travel! Accomplished musicians on their own, Mark, Ryan, George, and Corey collided to bring this experience to the stage.






Rocketnerd blends an eclectic mix of funky tunes with an emphasis on the bounce. Expect the unexpected as he drops futuristic techno, classic house and new spins on old favorites. He’s held residencies all around Columbus and has been a regular at various spots about town. He is entering his 4th year as a Push Productions DJ. You may remember him from the runway at last year’s Trauma as well as opening for Worthy at Diesel this past April.


Project Car


Bryan Keller and Matt Cremean are a Columbus, Ohio based DJ duo. They have a diverse and adaptive style that can open a room up proper or close one out in a sweaty mess. Their musical tastes are similar, yet different, and this makes for a uniquely dynamic chemistry. They are constantly bringing different tracks to the table, and always vibe off one another’s choices.



Kevin Krahel

Krahel1 (1)

Krahel (formerly placebo) has been moving dancefloors across the US as a DJ and producer for Over 20 Years. With strong influences rooted in Detroit techno and Chicago house, his musical productions often defy convention and push the boundaries of traditional electronic music. An amalgamation of the synthetic and organic, often demonstrating melodic progression and stark minimalisim, sometimes cold and harsh, transforming to warm and uplifting.




Mister Shifter


Known for his eclectic taste, technical skill, and knack for moving dance floors, he continues to please crowds by showcasing tracks across a vast array of influences, tempos & timelines. Mister Shifter’s unpredictable, high-energy performances ensure you’re never hearing the same set twice. Whether he’s mixing classic anthems or cutting edge releases, he’s always a crowd favorite and a must-see at every event.




Seth Yender


“I feel that it’s important to stick to what you believe in. It’s not about what the next trendy sound is or the style is out there. When I DJ, I play records that I feel will be played again in 10 years, and I bring that same attitude to the studio. I’m not into making music just for this month’s Beatport Charts. Instead, I want to make music that feels classic, and is classic.”
Yender excavates the deepest parts of his soul to craft two huge melodic late night jams that will definitely continue to be played for decades to come. Seth Yender is surely a name bound to be talked about and looked to for quality techno from this point going foreword. Consider yourself warned to keep ears peeled for the onslaught of his already impressive cache of soulful Nu-Detroit sounds that labels on both sides of the pond will be fumbling over to release in the coming year.


Midi Slut

midi slut

Stalwart of the columbus scene since 1994.  monthly resident at Groove, Exile.  deep house + tech.  what goes around comes around.







Saying that Beckett is no stranger to the decks would be an understatement. He started DJing in 2000 when he and a group of friends began playing at college parties which inspired him to create a radio show focusing on electronic music with live DJ’s. With over 15 years of experience, Aaron’s talents have brought him to play in cities such as Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Milwaukee, Chicago, Boston, New York, and Miami.



Young, Ohio born electronic music producer and DJ. Imploring styles spanning multiple genres of 4/4 bass oriented House/Garage/Techno. Stay up-to-date with his original music and carefully selected mixes as he will be the next step in the groove.











 Based out of Columbus, Ohio, signed to My best friends party ..ToadNuggz is keeping the party rolling with a variety of electronic music : TRAP.. DRUM N BASS ..HOUSE ..BASS MUSIC … GLICTH HOP …TRIP HOP… EXPERIMENTAL !!




One individual. Surrounded by years of connections, odd behaviors, soundscapes and vibrations.. Brings forth creativity of the beautyofmyland. Come experience.



Black Antler

Metal, thrash, grind band from Columbus Ohio. 


fire and flow


Morgan “MoFlow” and Hunt “Huntburn” have been performing and teaching fire and flow arts since 2011. The duo began their work in the Philadelphia area, where they performed at weddings, fairs, and corporate events, and for clients such as Xfinity, Lululemon, and Fireball Whiskey. Today, they live in Central Ohio and have recently worked with Macy’s, OSU, and Easton Town Centre. They look forward to connecting with Columbus community more deeply and sharing these beautiful and unique art forms.




Black Market Belly Dance and Fitness

black market

Specializing in various styles of belly dance (including tribal fusion, cardio, sword, snake, fire, and burly-belly) and multiple fitness formats; instructors Leyla Billman and Kitty Mystique bring over 20 years of combined belly dance experience.  BMBD is devoted to overall wellness and bring EXCITEMENT to dance and RESULTS to fitness!



Habeeba’s Troupe Tribaret


Kinetic Spirit


Constantly moving, changing and creating.You never know what your going to get with Kinetic Spirit.




After a lifelong love affair with music, Dj jMac aka Jeremy MacDonald, stepped behind the decks in 2011 and has quickly risen to the top of the EDM scene in the Midwest. Specializing in House Music, primarily specializing in Melbourne Bounce, Dj jMac has been bringing his unique sound to the masses and has been getting incredibly positive feedback. Dj jMac loves to perform and you can see it every time he plays, he always delivers a high energy set and keeps the crowd guessing on what song he will drop next.



Freq Squad


Freq Squad, a group risen from sulfer and the ashes of EDM lost souls. Egotronic and SyblingQ emerge like a techno phoenix.
Egotronic, bringing his recipes of all things evil. From haunting, driving basslines of Minimal Techno to ElectroTRASH, Metal-Edged thrash beats and sawtooth synths thicker than Eddie Van Halen’s playing fingers!
SyblingQ, the mad scientist of the group hacks Techno, House, and any other sounds that can be coalesced into vibrations that makes bodies rouse.





Dj Failsafe started his career in the Summer of 2004 at the original Outland on Perry St.  After a brief hiatus with it’s closing, he returned to spin Church with DJ Kevy Kev.  He was a regular Friday night fixture at outland 2.0 and spun at Trauma from 2005 on with soon 7 appearances.  Currently a regular guest at at Church, and Suicide Ball. One of the founders of Maiden Japan.  Has other events in his bio such as Industrial Warfare, Decadent Carnage, Synnerfest, Carnevil of Lost souls, Deviation at the Foundry in Dayton, Darkotica in Cincinnati, and many others.



Scott and Erin Void


Record collectors turned DJ’s spinning classic goth rock, industrial, post-punk and synth-pop. Starting with events at Dreadful Sounds record store, they now host Black Planet 80’s goth night and Weird Pop alternative 80’s nights at the Summit while DJing goth/punk shows in Columbus.


DJ Ake




Minnie Grey


A Columbus Velvet Heart, with a lust for life. Always abstract, exotic, anything but grey.



Cadence M. Crowley’s Dark Circus


Cadence M. Crowley’s Dark Circus Fire Theatre is here for your thrills and chills. Women who eat fire, Men who drum to the heartbeat of the earth, 8’5″ Amazons, fire twirling fairy’s and your one and only favorite hoodoo priestess as the ring master. Collectively, the troupe has performed at Bonfires, Rituals, Rites of Passage and Funerals. You might die tonight. We will gladly dispose of your body. So bring your sister, your brother, your daddy, your mother, your best friend and another – to watch the greatest, darkest, hautest show on Earth!





Ginsu Von Mixwell III

Ginsu has been around the block, winning many competition, rocking all the party’s, and now perfecting his skills in the studio, from the stage to the mastering room…..this guy IS music. Ginsu is the resident host and dj for the highly awarded Ladies 80’s night, each Thursday, at Skully’s Music Diner as well a regular player with My Best Friends Party promo team as a solo dj and member of the rapidly advancing Ghost Gardens performance group.  Diversity and a pure passion for all music and its possibilities has resulted in Ginsu being an active player and performer in all the major clubs and persuasions in the region, and acceptance and support from the regions most proficient promoters . His list of titles and awards is quite long, some include multiple DMC top 3 finishings, 1 DMC USA Finalist position, and the 2012 Red Bull Threestyle Midwest Regional Champion Title.



Cannibal Arts


Haphazard party rockers on an implicit mission of indecision for the profession of super vision!





Mike Textbeak has a long history in electronic music with his releases on labels such as Carlos Peron’s Dark Daze, Tundra (San Francisco), Lasergun (Berlin), Post_Religion, Bleak (Vienna), Pale Noir (Madison, WI), Vaatican Records (France), Xynthetic (Canada), 21/22 Corp, Swishcotheque (UK), Colin Johnco (France), and many more. He co-owns the Philtre Com imprint with co-conspirator Claus Muzak aka Lucas Kuzma of The Strange Agency (musical instrument iPhone iPad app company). He was commissioned for mixing the Precarious mix for Disaro Records, a mix for Ritual Chicago, Hip Hop Break It Radio out of Houston, the official Grim Harvest Halloween 2012 Mixtape for Мишка with actor Omar Doom (Inglorious Basterds), XLVR for the clothing company NVR MND, the massive 5 hour 3 part COVENFVCK mix, mixes for Pulse Radio (UK), The Horrorist (NYC), PBS (Australia), Clan Destine Records (UK), and AMDISCS label in the Czech Republic among many others.

His music has been featured on compilations with artists such as Coil, Attrition, Sleepchamber, Nocturnal Emissions, and Portion Control. He has opened for Sinden, Umberto, Tamara Sky, Bestial Mouths, Larry Tee, Nitzer Ebb, Light Asylum, Test Department, Skin Town (Nick Turco of Zola Jesus), Meat Beat Manifesto, and The Legendary Pink Dots to name a few. He has remixed many artists including Tamara Sky (DJ/Model Lil Death LA), Bestial Mouths (ClanDestine), and ∆AIMON (Tundra/Artoffact). From the early ‘90s Columbus, Ohio electronic music scene, when Mike was a member of Body Release with Titonton Duvante (Residual Records), Todd Sines (Frankie, Planet E, Peacefrog, YORE, Seventh City), and Charles Noel (aka ARCHETYPE, ARCH_TYP…21/22 Corp, Bag Pak), through the mid ’90s early 2000’s with his band Bath, to his current endeavors, he has always pushed the envelope with his compositions, visual artwork, text collages, and genre-blasting DJ sets.



dj broken boy


dj broken boy has been spinning in the eletronic industrial scene in Columbus since 2001 and has held residency spots at the legendary Outland, Circus, and The Shrunken Head.  Currently, with the brand “Church”, he can be found at Ace of Cups on the second Friday of each month with “Cathedral” and every fourth Friday at Ruby’s on Summit for “Original Church”.  Hitting the full gamut of post punk, death rock, goth, industrial, EBM, and futurepop, dj broken boy has kept the dark side of Columbus dancing and stomping for the last 14 years.






Aricrey is an explosion of bass, chaotic metallic soundscapes and euphoric melodies. He’s a mad music producer who lives in an animated dark steampunk reality. His DJ sets contain many of his own productions and remixes. Aricrey likes the darker side of Bass-Music and prefers the strange and abnormal.




Molly and BondageNexus perform Shibari/circus rope sets at kink events in the US and Canada.




Born from the ashes of several local bands, An eclectic mix of Metal, Hip-Hop, Reggae & Stage Shenanigans. Pariah is on a mission to rise to the top of the scene. First the region, then the Nation and finally the World.



dj p!nkheArtbrake


Former bassist for Love Culture. Been a local dj off and on since 2006. Host of Transmission dance parties at Skully’s Music Diner and occasional guest dj at events such as Ladies 80s, Suicide Ball, Cult of Roses, and more.




Infusion is a unique performing arts group. We offer professional, quality entertainment in a wide variety of genres, themes and venues. Performances display any combination of  talents: metal grinding, fire manipulation, staged scenes, choreographed dance routines and stilt walking.



Steve OD


A native of Ohio, DJ Steve OD came onto the scene in 1997 with a weekly goth/industrial show at WVBC in Bethany, WV until 2000.
He resurfaced in the Columbus, OH scene in 2007 at ‘Industrial Warfare’. Since then he has been playing to the crowds at places such as Skully’s, Ace of Cups, Outland, Double Happiness and more.
Currently he hosts his monthly event ‘Protection’ at Bourbon Street and is co-host of ‘Suicide Ball’ at Bossy Grrls Pin Up Joint.




Dj Sideshow

Dj Sideshow’s first Dj origins started out in Louisville, Kentucky 7 years ago. Moved to Cincinnati Ohio 5 years ago, being a Resident Dj for Quorum events, then started working for Darkotica and ran Darkotica @ The Dock Complex for 3-4 years as the Head Resident Dj alongside Mike Dangers for years. Between the years of Louisville KY and Now, Dj Sideshow has opened, spun with and hosted events with major bands within the Goth Industrial / Dark Alternative Dance Scene. (Some listings are Combichrist, KMFDM, God Module, Nachtmahr, Mindless Self Indulgence, Voltaire, Aesthetic Perfection, My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult and many more) He has These Dark Alternative Sets that will keep you wanting to move.





Vixie Noir


Vixie Noir is a burlesque performer from Columbus, Ohio. As an art school dropout with a background in theatre and a love for all things over-the-top, Vixie has found ultimate creative freedom in the form of burlesque. In October of 2013, she joined the Sex Kitten Purrlesque, and in 2015 she became the co-leader of the troupe. You can see Vixie perform frequently at the Sex Kitten Purrlesque’s home bar, Bossy Grrls Pinup Joint.




 Crystal Dawn O’Donovan


Crystal Dawn is an emerging Columbus artist & designer for the Columbus Free Press. Socio-political driven freedom fighter with a thing for art with a function. Defeating the dark powers of what not one cartoon at a time.







hoola e

Hula hooper of over three years now and been fire hula hooping for two years.  I enjoy all flow arts and love to express myself through my flow when hula hooping.  The way I dance with my hula hoop makes me feel complete and like I’ve found what I’m really supposed to do in my life.  Hula hooping is my number one passion in life and I’m just beginning this long beautiful hooping journey.






David Yarosz

Currently work part time as a hair stylist for Studio posh. I’ve been a stylist here in Columbus for 15 years. Two years ago I discovered the art of trapeze movement. It quickly become a personal passion of mine. I currently train and work with movementactivities.com
In franklinton at 400 W. Rich st.


Coreroc’s Soft Core Cafe


Coreroc is a diverse artist with a strong graffiti influence whose public artworks can be found all over Columbus as well as a few of the Evolved family buildings. His approach to performance art ranges from his signature bird murals to live body painting with whips, every show is a wild blend of bright ideas from the dark side. TRAUMA is no exception with the second coming of “the Soft Core Cafe” you will have a chance to experience all kinds of sexy menu items from the “topical oasis” to the “pickle and tickle” with a special attraction themed with each day of this years event.



Luba Saraswati Evans-Zion


Luba Saraswati Evans-Zion is an internationally-known speaker and teacher who is dedicated to the path of liberation and to healing all aspects of the relationship between the masculine and feminine on the planet. As a self-described Soul Strategist, Luba has been working with individuals, couples and groups all over the world for more than 10 years to help them remember and live from their connection to the Soul of Creation. She is the founder of Anima Mundi Institute and the Galiana Meditation Retreat Center in USA — two entities that reflect her vision and passion for bringing forth the shift in universal consciousness. Luba teaches internationally and offers on-line courses.



Doctah X




Bliss by Debra Shade and Mistress Phantom


Within the pages of her first novel, ‘Maybe she is Right’ (ISBN: 978-0-9828442-0-5). Debra has stretched the walls of erotic writing further than even she imagined. From the heart of a sex addict, a story unfolds that will keep you turning page after page and taking a few of her experiences, into your bedroom!
Within the pages of the sequel to ‘Maybe She Is Right’, Shade continued to take you on a sexually intense roller coaster ride time and a time again – your sense of explorations will be satisfied. Follow the story into the sequel: ‘Hot Sex on a Platter’ (ISBN: 978-1-499540-4-9) released in September, 2012. The story deepens as Debra Johnson traps six females to work for her in an upscale brothel.
She is currently working on the third book in what has become a series of titles addressing sex addiction and abuse. Debra moved to Columbus from Washington, DC. She is a Sexpert and delivers workshops and talks on the topic in various settings. Known for pushing the envelope and supporting sexual exploration, Debra encourages readers, listeners and guest to ask questions and to safely explore the taboo topic must grow up avoiding. Her hobbies include writing, hosting Adult Recess a monthly event to support the making a movie based on her first book entitled Deviant Desires, working with nonprofits and networking.
You can also catch her column This Month in the Shade in Outlook Magazine, where she is a freelance writer and is published bi-monthly. She has earned an IMDb writing credit for her current writing of Webcam Diaries on AfterHours HD TV.
To purchase her books go to Amazon.com or shop.shadepublishing.com



Big River


.::ॐTantric Massage and Erotic Hypnosis


The Elegant Bride


Robert Inhuman


Deathrocker from Cincylvania, of Dreams In Hell, Decide Today, Realicide Youth Records, terrible DJ but disciplined Death Jockey.



Curse of Cassandra


Curse of Cassandra is an electro witch-dance duo from Ohio. Oneiric dance beats mix with haunting vocals to create trance-like states of euphoria.





Dani Twizzle


Dani is a freelance model for over 5 years.



Rev Spook

I started working with and playing in gothic, industrial, experimental, no wave and horror rock bands in the 80s. I’ve been deejaying for 18 years in taxi and clubs. I’ve run several different gothic and industrial radio shows (Last Rites, WRFL-FM, Spook City Radio, WLCV-AM, LouisvilleGoth Radio: Listen or Die ART+FM) as well as regular weekly gothic and industrial nights at clubs throughout the region. I’ve made guest appearances along the East Coast, Southeast and Midwest, in clubs and conventions.

I am currently based in Indianapolis where I run a mobile DJ company and have been producing electronic music as Galactic Transit Authority.


Krazy Karoline


A lover of dark music and culture for all her adult life, Krazy Karoline has been a staple of Central Indiana’s gothic/industrial scene since 2001. Debuting as a DJ at alternative new wave retro nights in 2004, and keeping with the times mixing the best of new and old dark dance music since. She has dj’ed goth-industrial events and clubs around the region, in Ohio, Illinois, Kentucky, even as far away as New Orleans… and can also be found playing indie dance, a bit of electro house, and her first love of new wave retro when the party calls…



Ace Stamos


Manni Goodtimes


Long time member of the Sex Kitten Purrlesque, house troop of Bossy Grrls Pin Up Joint, where she is also a bar tender. Her performance is a lot like a drink she might make you, strangely sweet, surprisingly complex, and dangerous. She is a regular performer at Bossy Grrls Monday Mayhem, a free weekly Burlesque and variety show.



And A Tribe Apocalypto




Dj Aria


Bloody Messy Girls





DJ Kretek


DJ Kretek has been spinning industrial, goth, EBM and more since 2010, he created, hosts, and DJ’s the Ohio-Wide Goth Camp twice a year held in Dayton, Ohio.