Entertainment 2023

La Negra (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

La Negra is a suspension artist from Buenos Aires. Her emotional and captivating performances will leave you breathless.

Anna and The Annadriods

Anna and The Annadroids are a smart, sexy, and surreal performance art troupe that fuses contemporary dance with aerial dance, fashion, and emotionally provocative themes that explore the human condition. They frequently perform at community events, festivals, corporate and private parties, showcases, and their signature annual productions. Follow IG @annadroids and Learn more at www.annadroids.com 

Indigenak Suspension

We are a group of suspension facilitators and performers travelling the world gathering hooks, blood and love.

Mitsu no sora

We are 3 people from here www.lucianoiritsu.com

Katia Tirado (Mexico)

Katia Tirado (Mexico City, 1965) is a conceptual artist, actress and body piercing activist. Her artistic proyect proposes, from the body, hybrid and transdisciplinary discourses that move organically between theater, performance, installation, video and photography. Her language can be understood as a performatica of the poetics of the body and its critical dismantling as a space of repression and domestication. She has established links with national and international performance circuits and has collaborated with different artists such as: J.J. Gurrola, Jan Majachek, Dr. Lakra, Guillermo Gómez Peña, Abraham Cruz Villegas, Pablo Casacuevas, Annie Sprinkle, Ron Athey, Víctor Martínez Díaz, Marissa Karr, Gin Mueller, S.R.L. (Survival Research Laboratory), David Kontra, Kaput Collective, Rodrigo Gacía, Samantha Bryan and The Scarlet Tongue Project, etc.

Lynn Hetherington Becker 

Lynn is a self-taught artist with a focus on painting and wearable art. Lynn has a passion for creating art for the human body through both body paint and costuming. She enjoys creating whimsical mixed media pieces that combine found objects with paint, body paint, metal, plastic and elements of fashion. She enjoys collaborating with other artists and often uses them as models in her projects. A two time winner of Highball Halloween, Lynn’s work can be found in local and national media and galleries in Columbus, OH. 

Javi (Uruguay)

Fiona (Spain)

Our love for Body suspension combined with our friendship has got us working together very easily. The communication between us is such that we are able to work on point, creating a space of respect and positive energy.


PUSH and AARON AUSTEN have been staples in the house music scene of Columbus for a couple decades. Prepare to dance and lose yourself to the groove.

DJ Onetree

DJ sat-nam

Chirag is a curious student of sound, frequencies and vibration and their interactions with the human vessel.He enjoys sharing his love for sonic adventures through delicately curated sound journeys under the alias: sat-nam, currently focussed around underground psychedelic dance music.
After many invigorating experiences on sacred dancefloors across Southern India, he is currently investing time and energy to build upon and share the psychedelic trance dance experience in Columbus, Ohio, through leading a collective called ‘The Playground’.
He will be offering a special DJ set at TRAUMA 2023 highlighting the darker spectrum of psychedelic sounds.

The Guilty Pleasures Stage Show

Each year the Guilty Pleasures Stage Show performs hundreds of audience-participation driven scenes for the attendees of TRAUMA. Those who volunteer to be consenting and active participants in sadomasochistic activities, as a part of the performance experience, have an opportunity to learn about various kinky forms of play.

The stage show started out as a live and interactive BDSM performance at a Goth industrial night club located in Columbus, Ohio known as Outland, and is purely volunteer driven. To fulfill the show’s core value that “an educated community is a safer community,” the volunteers serve as resources and mentors to promote active-consent based communication and opportunities to share knowledge with other explores of kink activities.

Bondage by Kevin

Rope carefully wrapped around your wrists and chest. The warm hold of the ropes allowing you to defy gravity. The sensual lick of flame across your back. Or maybe the catharsis of fire cupping. Sounds interesting? Maybe even a little … enticing? Come find Bondage by Kevin (BBK) and take a taste of something you didn’t even know you were looking for. BBK is a group of rope bondage and fire enthusiasts, we have been practicing our craft for years, and are ready to give you a dose of our community.  Come walk on the wild side! 


BondageNexus and RopeSiren are avid Shibari rope performers and teachers.

Faber aerarius et cetera

ElectroCult Circus

Interdimensional Erotic Pranksters

Teen Fiction

A one man dance riot

Zoo Trippin

Apocalyptic Party Rock

Fantastical Body Art and Friends

Kelly is a self-taught, special effects makeup artist and body painter. She started her makeup journey in 2000 doing theatrically based special effects makeup for a Haunted
House in Cleveland Ohio. Kelly has used her talents as a SPFX makeup artist and body painter for multiple TRAUMA and DRAUMA shows, as well as at various other Haunted
Houses over the past 20 plus years. She has now expanded her work to encompass other forms of body art such as flesh hook suspension. Her goal is to create art that makes you explore all sides of yourself.
Email- KAWilmers@gmail.com

Beat Casino + Beat Casino Lounge

Beat Casino is a Professional Beatbox Duo consisting of Loop de Lou & VeautifulG

The Ooh-La-Las Burlesque

The capital city’s original flirts! The Ooh-La-Las specialize in high caliber stage shows, burlesque dance education, and performance with a purpose. Our troupe has been putting the “Oh!” in Ohio since 2004, and proudly performing at TRAUMA since 2012!

Eileen Galvin

Eileen Galvin is a Columbus-native burlesque artist, Tarot reader, and fiery glitterqueer. You can catch her on the main stage, and in the Victorian Tarot Parlor in the Loft. She dreams of a world where liberation exists and is available to all bodies. She believes in the co-creation of that world by wielding the harm-reductive powers of debauchery, depravity, and degeneracy. These powers, though morally derided and relegated to the shadows, are integral to the queer experience. Once unleashed from their closet, they are made instruments of liberation by those with the clarity to shatter oppressive systems, and the courage to revel in their right to exist.

Villainous Vices

A Columbus based Queer collective with veins across several states. Enchanting and ensnaring you through various forms of self expression including Burlesque, Drag, and Pole among many others to tempt, tantalize and show you why life is better when you are a little wicked. Every story has its villain and some of us were born to wear that crown.

Tantalizing Tigers

Chocolate Rose

Chocolate Rose performing on the Live stage as well as pole dancing.

Shades Oasis

Shades Oasis is a sexual wellness center that specializes in sex education steeped in information related to sex for pleasure and the health benefits of completing the sexual response cycle. We offer opportunities for members and guests to explore their personal pleasure preferences. Board Certified Clinical Sexologist and Master Sexpert Debra Shade provides workshops and seminars across the country. She also provides private adult experiences such as Bliss, Adult Recess, Nude Sip N Paint and more. Within TRAUMA, Debra provides an interactive experience for guests to engage in. From body painting to wax and submissive play, she strives to create a safe space for event attendees to explore the possibility of fun with kinks and fetishes. Be sure to drop in and check out this years’ experience hosted by Shades Oasis. @shadeyontop

Dr. Bumpy

Carpe Lounge

The Ville

“The Ville” features two of central Ohio’s premiere hip hop artists’ “C10” (Omnibreed, Luxury League, AU Music) and Darrio Lamont (Luxury League, AU Music). After releasing multiple acclaimed solo projects such as C10’s – Sike, I Lied and Darrio Lamont’s Sunsets on Bartlett, they are bringing their individual talents together to release their anticipated debut album KILL VILLE, August 2023. Asking what prompted this collaboration they simply said “It’s time to bring the real back.” And the way the music industry has produced so many lack luster efforts this year, it’ll certainly be a breath of fresh air.

Cody the Clown

I’m just clownin’ around

The Lycan Bite

Beware! The Lycan Bite is a Werewolf Rock/Occulternative trio that’s here to bring the TEAR-ROR! A three-piece beast born in quarantine with gnashing vocals, clawing guitar, cratering bass and bludgeoning drums! Their music has been featured on CD92.9 and their debut “FANGS EP” can be found on Spotify and other SCREAMING services! Their follow-up, “The Fool Moon EP,” will be released October 6th, 2023!

Knotty Emily

Emily, a photographer and model since 2010, has expanded her artistic pursuits within the Columbus community, delving into the intricate world of Artistic Rope. Adapting to the constraints of the pandemic, she has transformed her practice, sharing her passion and expertise through platforms like Instagram and TikTok as KnottyEmily and EmilyRopes. Emily’s artistic repertoire also includes mesmerizing rope shows and stilt walking with The Amazing Giants, where her versatility and creativity come to life.

B.Hockensmith Photography

Building Blocks: School for Kinksexuals

Steven / Carnal_Knowledge and Cricket are returning to TRAUMA to capture photos of you at your sexiest. Dress up. Or don’t–you’ll probably take it all off anyway.

Neoma Day Echo

Neoma Day Echo is an award winning title holder and a Columbus based, traveling burlesque dancer of 6 years. They are the assistant manager of the newly founded queer collective called Villainous Vices Burlesque. They co-produce a monthly show called xX:Manicure:Xx alongside Maja Jera at District West and also teach a class called “Sensual Chair + Floorplay” at Heartfelt Pole Studio on a weekly basis. She casts a spell with her hypnotic gaze that feeds your soul and leaves you dreaming of her for days…The enchantress, Neoma Day Echo.

Crew Duff

A columbus native, Crew Duff selects from a wide swathe of danceable music. From retro synthesizers to Latin flavors and everything in between, listeners should plan to get funky, and probably a little sweaty.

The Erosphere

Our team of elite Eronauts will be touching down at TRAUMA 2023 on an intergalactic mission of love! Join us in the Erosphere to cultivate interpersonal connections through awareness, communication, touch, and energetic exchange. We offer a diverse range of programming each night including sensual playshops, sexy performances, and erotic offerings. We begin Thursday night with a sober initiation into Sacred Sensuality. On Friday, we explore The Garden of Earthly Delights. And on Saturday evening, we revel in the duality of Pleasure and Pain. Enter the Erosphere and embark on an adventure to a new world.

Commander Sins

Commander Sins is a deviously charming drag king that was created in the deserts of Phoenix Arizona. There he became the first Mr. Supreme Pride. In 2020 he moved to Columbus Ohio where he can be found on the stages of taking you on nostalgic, alternative, sexual, and emotional journeys. He is the first Mr Ohio Red Ribbon Newcomer 2022 working with the rest of the Reb Ribbon court to bring awareness and advocacy for HIV/ AIDS care and prevention.  He’s been raising hell for 8 years and has no plans on stopping anytime soon!

You can find him on Instagram @commandersins


Are you ready to get filthy? Are you ready to get dirty? ARE YOU READY TO GET… NASSSSSSSTYYYYY???????????

DJ Kofdrop x Designer Movement

DJ Kofdrop is based out of Columbus, OH and is the resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance Columbus. He performs at music festivals and ecstatic dances across the country. Armani Acte of Designer Movement is based out of Washington DC, excelling in multiple disciplines including: ballet dancing, go-go, and fire spinning. With a unique fusion of these art forms, Armani creates captivating and dynamic performances. Together this duo forms an electrifying, seductive and visually stimulating experience. 

Art for Bad Kids

Art for Bad Kids

Rocco Giovanni

Rocco Giovanni began his career as a professional ballet dancer in the late 90s. After a knee injury in 1999 he shifted his focus to cabaret, striptease, and back up dancing in LGBTQ bars across the country. An internationally published model Rocco maintains an active entertaining schedule with such drag personalities as Krystal Something Something and Virginia West as well as dancing locally.

The Mongrel King

Daniel Lincoln Cooper is a possessed, societal outsider who performs under the title “The Mongrel King”. Under this name, the artist becomes the Magician as he tears down this tapestry known as reality and throws it onto the Primordial Bonfire. Through words and music, a new house is raised from the ashes. This house is the House of the Magician. It is a sacred place created through the power of expression. Pain and misery are transmuted into visions of terror and beauty, for performance is Alchemy, and that is Alchemy’s purpose. The Mongrel King is a Brimstone Balladeer and his music is the score of the Inferno.

Sideshow Betties

Hello Trauma 2023! We are Sideshow Bettie’s burlesque and variety show. Born out of Columbus Ohio in 2020 you can catch us at a variety of events throughout the year including our host bar O’Tools pub in Reynoldsburg OH.  We dance, we sing, we swing things around in the air! We combine the classics with some sideshow and flow-arts. Join us Friday night at COTSU for Retrograde night! Main stage 9-9:15pm.

Velvet Dior Productions

Velvet Dior Productions is a Columbus platform for variety show performances

The platform gives performers the opportunity to showcase their talent at some of the best events in Ohio. VDP also connects performers with other show producers, photographers and other talent to help them further their network.


This Non-binary babe is a member of the Villainous Vices! Pronouns are They/Them. They love to game, crochet and dance. They’ve got the curves to make you go *purrrr*. It’s ✨Mari✨

Thrillda Swinton

Thrillda Swinton brings a playful, impish spirit to the stage, whether she’s bumping and grinding, giving you great face, or charming the audience as an emcee. She is an award-winning burlesque performer (Master of Tassels – Burlypicks Ohio 2018) and has brought her charm and tease to stages across Columbus and the Midwest since 2017. She is the co-producer of Triple Threat: A Musical Theater Burly-Q Revue, a reimagining of musical theater, both classic and contemporary, as well as the SpeakTeasy show series, featuring craft cocktails paired to suit each performer in a speakeasy environment. See what she’s mixing up next at thrilldaswinton.com!

Cassilyn Divining

Happy City Thrift

A sweet pastel dream 

A comfy pillow fort

A happy little space 

Travel through a maze of sound and find the castle in the center for a surprise! 


Producing wellness music and DJing has been my passion for all my life. I want to continue to provide sounds and ambience in a melodic fashion that promotes good health and positivity. In my spare time I create original ambient music under the alias “White Note Ambients”. This has allowed me to explore the benefits of integrative medicine through sound and frequencies. Djing has also been an incredible outlet for me to connect with an audience through various genres of music. You’ll always hear BASSDADDY Spinning house or mid-tempo/moombahton.


Poisyn is the resident sensual and erotic drag banshee of Columbus. Known for her high energy and seductive dance moves, she’s here to make you question everything you think you know about yourself.

Edna Mwah

Sasha (Colorado)

Mas Bagua

Electric Dream Machine

A Power-pop band with retro flare.  Electric and dreamy.

Charming Disaster

Goth-folk musical duo Charming Disaster, based in Brooklyn, NY, perform playfully macabre original songs inspired by death, crime, myth, magic, science, and the occult. Inspired by Edward Gorey and Tim Burton, the murder ballads of the Americana tradition, and the dramatic flair of the cabaret, their music explores dark narratives and characters. Charming Disaster’s music has been featured on the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, and they have opened for legendary cello-rock ensemble Rasputina, goth icon Voltaire, and Amanda Palmer’s punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. Recent appearances have included Joe’s Pub at the Public Theatre in NYC, the Rochester Fringe Festival, Philadelphia’s Science History Institute, the Edgar Allan Poe Museum in Richmond, VA, Cleveland’s Wizbang Circus Theatre, and the Coney Island Sideshow stage. Their latest album, Super Natural History, is a musical cabinet of curiosities that unites the worlds of magic and science with songs that explore witchcraft, monsters, and the underworld alongside bats, plants, poisons, and parasites.

“Charming Disaster are unusual, spooky, wickedly talented, and completely unafraid to delve deep into the underworld in exploration of all things lurking in the dark…they have a knack for making the macabre fun.” –Mixed Alternative

Downtowns on Fire

 Downtowns On Fire is a Columbus-based goth-metal dance superband comprised of the cutting-edge vocals and guitar of Raven Grant, the melodic and textured lead guitar stylings of Mike Stokes, and stylings of DJ and synth artist performer Adam Lee Robinson.

Stage Five Clinger

Formed in the winter of 2022, STAGE FIVE CLINGER has been busy building a setlist full of POP ROCK jams from QUEEN to KINGS OF LEON and FALL OUT BOY to BILLIE EIISH. With experience ranging from live theater to touring bands, STAGE FIVE CLINGER knows how to get the crowd singing and dancing till closing time.


The Hardest working independent artist with a global appeal, Wallabe “The Reallest” born Walter Brewer, is a Columbus, Ohio native who uses street savvy and self-empowering lyrics to inspire, invoke and motivate his audience. Dominating the underground circuit, Wallabe has sold over 175,000 units from the trunk of his car. Independently he has over 17,000 listens and over 25,000 downloads in thirty days; currently 60,000 downloads quickly surpassing some of the industry’s top selling recording artist, and earning a “Bronze” status on the popular mixtape website www.datpiff.com.

Mer Imbri of Dirty Words Cabaret 

Fueled almost entirely by smut, the creator of Dayton’s own @dirtywords.llc  is here to titillate the shadows of your mind and shake you to the crotch of your pants. She comes from the stories you read in secret; The words you never say aloud; the the naughty dreams you never shared. And now she’s here. Presenting, The sea of glitter, Mer Imbri!

Honey Groove Studio

Katherine J. Grace

Koshary King

Sohud Collective

High Five Bartenders Reunion

Suspensions Dance Party

The Grope Box

The Grope Coffin

Bell Tower

Low Sensory Room

Suspensions Dance Party

Altar de los Muertos

Cuddle Puddle



Mozaic is a program under Equitas Health that fosters the success and well-being of transgender and gender non-conforming folks through community building, education, and resource navigation. Mozaic will be creating a safe space and chill zone outside of Trauma for people to hang out and build community between friends. Mozaic also offers a community-building space and a free clothing closet at 750 E Long St, Columbus on Tuesdays and Thursdays 1-6 p.m. and on Wednesdays 11-4 p.m.

Openheart Creatures

We are custom body puppets of Columbus Ohio cheer leading life through performance and improv.  We promote play, raw emotion, curiosity & acceptance.  Advertising empathy, and freedom to self express.   We are creatures of love focusing on wellness of the heart.

Fems United – Columbus Kink

AJ Vanderelli

Alicia Jean Vanderelli was born in Los Angeles California and was raised in Panama City, Florida. After graduating high school in 1993, Vanderelli left the small beach community in search of one that provided both the comforts of a small town and with the diversity of a city. In 2003, she settled in Columbus Ohio. Alicia obtained a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in oil painting in 2008 from the Columbus College of Art and Design, graduating Magna Cum Laude.

In 2014, Alicia began converting 218 McDowell Street, into an alternative gallery space for local artists and a personal studio space to create her own work. The Vanderelli Room, located within the Franklinton Arts District, is a multipurpose space, housing a variety of art shows and performances. The gallery is a catalyst for Alicia Jean Vanderelli’s own vision and self expression. A vision where a community is united through arts and education. A community that enables individuals to reach their potential and continue to grow through self-expression and exploration.


SadaNam has always been a mystic nature-lover, an artist, and a musician which he’s enjoyed since childhood, and he’s spent the past 16 years since 2007 in yoga training and learning shamanic ceremonial arts in order to facilitate healing, wellness, and transformation on every level of the body / mind / spirit.

SadaNam has completed over 660 hours of Kundalini Yoga training with KRI as well as 4 Reiki trainings to the Master Teacher level and gong sound therapy training with Mike Tamburo and Galena of Crown of Eternity. He traveled to Rishikesh for a level 2 Kundalini module (Conscious Communication) with Gurmukh in 2016, and another 200-hour kundalini training with Yogi Amandeep in the Himalayas in 2017. He strives to share everything he’s learned to help uplift the health and wellness of every being he meets.

Sada Nam is also a lover of devotional music from different cultures, playing guitar, drums, and singing bowls with local kirtan groups. In 2008, he attained his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art and Technology and a Philosophy minor from the Ohio State University where he worked for 7 years creating videos and other multimedia and managing a media services team. In recent years, he’s owned a yoga & healing arts studio and continues to travel around America sharing these teachings and vibrations to bring more peace, love, and bliss to the world!