Revelry is an ethical, inclusive, and experiential showcase of erotic diversity. An indulgent exploration of sexual embodiment in its many luscious forms. A conscious community of sensual debauchery. The Revelry Muses will ignite desires you didn’t know you had.

Here, we are empowered by our bodies and their many pleasures.

We delight in sharing our bounty with you, our grateful audience.

We love celebrating the erotic with you in its many forms.

We expect you to tip your muses generously and respect everyone present.

Whether you are a connoisseur of the delightful, an amateur pleasure seeker, or a curious kitten,

Revelry has a place for you in this raucous evening of rebellious debauchery.

The Revelry Muses are curated from the best possible talent in Columbus and beyond. They are enticing and inspiring beings of all genders, races, and styles coming together to celebrate the erotic with you.

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By joining the Revelry, you agree to the following community guidelines. These parameters keep us happy and allow us to play ever more wild and free.

  1. Muses will invite you to touch them where and how they want. Do NOT touch the Muses (or anyone) unless and until they do! NEVER touch any Muse’s in places covered by their delicates. They are precious and they DO bite.
  2. We only get sexy with people who have their wits about them. Intoxicated and/or belligerent individuals will be escorted elsewhere. 
  3. You are here to live fully in the moment. Keep your phone in your pocket and bask in the experience. The designated photographers will take photos for you to reminisce on later. They are the only ones allowed to take photos, anyway!
  4. Tip your Muses generously, and put those Benjamins in the Muse’s garter or in their hand. 
  5. Tribute for one-on-one sessions is given BEFORE your time with your Muse. Get those wallets out, darlings. This shit is gold.

UPCOMING: After TRAUMA, welcome the new year with Revelry in residence at the Vanderelli Room from Dec. 31, 2019 to Jan 5, 2020!


an emergent set of guiding ethics

  • Pleasure – The maximization of EVERYONE’S pleasure is top priority in everything we do, inasmuch as the maximization of pleasure for some or one doesn’t harm others. 
  • Inclusivity – All are welcome, with the exception of bigots and those who otherwise impede on the experience of others’ pleasure.  
  • Exploration – Revelry is a timespace of self-expression, experimentation, and play. 
  • Value – The conscious, consensual, creative sexual expression we practice here is valued, praised, celebrated, and compensated ($) accordingly. 
  • Consent – Every interaction is entered into with appreciation, communication, caring, consent, and empowerment. Guests are NOT to touch the Muses without their explicit consent, and touching is limited to the limbs, head, and back of the torso. We get hot enough! Everyone will be clothed at all times–panties and pasties count as clothes, y’all.  
  • Self-reliance – Everyone is encouraged and empowered to engage according to their comfort and advocate for their own pleasure.
  • Participation – This is a participatory event, co-created by everyone present. 
  • Civic responsibility – We co-create this community and we are responsible for it and one another’s well being. Those who engage in interactions nonconsensually or violate the terms of consent will be escorted off the premises and will never be admitted to come back.