We are excited to offer two new VIP Passes that offer access to ALL four evenings of TRAUMA as well as access to our new Daytime Experiences!

Daytime Experiences

We will offer day-time workshops from 1-3pm and 3-5pm each day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Workshops will feature instructors from all over the world as well as local Columbus professionals. Many will be Tantra-oriented. Expect them to explore things like conscious connection, intimacy, movement, breath work, meditation, sensuality, kink, and other topics.

Thursday, October 31

Inside La Negra (1-3pm)

This will be an intimate and very, very up-close look into La Negra’s world of flesh suspension.

Without divulging too much information, you can expect to see some science, some art, and lots and lots of La Negra.

Enough said!

Emotional Release Technique with Briana (3-5pm)

Acknowledgment: These tools are taught by ISTA as part of the SSSEx Level 1 training. Briana is a Lead Faculty member of ISTA (International School of Temple Arts). The Tools are derived from and inspired by many great sources including shamanic work, Osho meditations, Gesalt’s work and the Levine/Scaer work on survival instincts. This set of text was also adapted and prepared by Simon Rose when he was integrating this work into his own healing modalities.

Background and purpose
The 7 Tools are a way of clearing activated trauma. When some old or new trauma is activated, you feel an unease in the body because of activated survival instincts. The 7 Tools allow those instincts to complete. The main requirements for the 7 Tools are:
• Breathing
• Movement
• Voice

When to use the 7 Tools
You should use the 7 Tools any time you feel a lack of ease (anything other than being in a perfectly balance and stable state). It’s great to use the tools first thing in the morning to clear yourself for the day ahead, or before coming home after a busy day (release the stress before you see your family), or before a meeting or interview. When you feel a lack of ease it means there is something in your body or in the field around you which is in a state of trauma or injury. If you live from this place you attract problems. The 7 Tools lets you express and heal that part of yourself or the field.

You can also use the tools when you do not feel any unease as a way of checking in, to see how things really are or as a way of just exercising your emotional body (so that it is in good shape when you need to use it for real events in life).

Unlike other structured techniques you do not need to have a symptom or story. The intention is always power and freedom. Invite whatever is in the field to come in and be expressed.

The 7 Tools can even be used when you don’t feel anything at all. People who cannot feel find other techniques very difficult. These people might need to repeat the 7 Tools many times but they will start to feel and process trauma quickly.

Friday, November 1

Conscious Touch with Igor Earthchild (3-5pm)

(More info to come!)

Saturday, November 2

Creating a Successful, POC-run BDSM group with Steven and Crickett (3-5pm)